OSHY is a proud member of the Ohio Hops Growing Guild. Working to provide all of Ohio craft brewers with dependable and quality Ohio grown hops for their beers.

Thanks for visiting the site and if you're in the neighborhood just stop on by and check us out.
                   Most popular hop for craft brewing that can be found in pale ales, IPA's, wheat beers, blonde ales, and many others.
                      Craft brewers favor this hop because of it's balanced bittering/aroma/high oils and lupulin content. Great in IPAs and pale ales and has double Alpha acids as Cascade.
                                      Columbia, Newport and
Vovjodina. We're testing a
number of these hop plants
in the yard for future grows.
OSHY, short for Olamani Sipu Hop Yard, is located at 12790 Fralick Road South Solon, Ohio. The hop yard is about an acre big with over 400 plants of Centennial hops and 300+ Cascade hop plants. The hop yard sits beside Paint Creek, also known as Olomani Sipu in Lenape. Which is the language spoken by the Delaware Indians who once lived in the area.
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Pipeline Trial Hops: