into commercial hops in Ohio. I found Brad Bergefurd
   at Ohio State and visited their trial hop yard. I then
     spent the 2014 winter planning the hop yard with help
        from Ohio State, the Ohio Hop Growers Guild, and
         other growers already with hop yards in Ohio. While
           yield was lower the first year we are still hoping
           to have a big enough harvest to have the hops
           available for brewers in late August 2016 so be on the
           lookout for OSHY Hops in a beer near you soon.
          Check back here for more details.
         Thanks for visiting my site.

The beginning for OSHY started out in my kitchen in the
middle of nowhere. After adding the hops to a homebrew I opened my door to share the great brew aroma only to
remember I lived in the country and my neighbors were cornfields. But, if corn could grow here, I wondered why couldn't hops? That summer I grew six varities of hops
in my garden and the beer didn't come out terrible. This
sparked my interest even more and knowing my
mediocre brewing skills would never pay off, I looked
oshyhops001008.gif oshyhops001007.gif oshyhops001006.gif oshyhops001005.gif oshyhops001004.gif oshyhops001002.gif